Mistress Annabella


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Items for Sale

I sell a wide range of various types of items if you are interested in purchasing an item please contact My self by Email: Mistress_Annabella@hotmail.com with your

* Name (can be a stage name)

* Email

* Order

* Postal Address if required (Items can be collected in person)


We Will then need to sort out payment before items can be dispatched or Collected,

I use the Payment Method of Bank Transfer only, although if you are collecting the items in person,  I am happy to take a  cash deposit, in order to  get your items ready.


if any item or product listed underneath does not suit your requirements and you require something specifically made too cater for you, then please contact Myself I would be happy to advise and help you with your purchase..

worn panties - £30

worn smelly panties - £40

Worn Pants 2 days Plus - £100


worn socks 2 days old - £30

Smelly worn socks 7 days old - £50

Worn Nylon Tights - £30


My Sweet Champagne - £50

Large Bottle - £100

My Strong Champagne - £70

Large Bottle - £100


Pubic hair - £10

Large tub - £15


Worn Shoes

Worn Boots

Worn Trainers


5 Ciggy Butts - £10

5 Lipstick stainded Ciggy Butts - £10


Used Sanatary Towel - £30.00

Used Tampon - £30.00 (contact for dates)


Fetish Pack Lunch £50.00 plus

consists of a lunch meal, A bottle of my champagne and a dessert contact Myself for pack lunch options

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